Humankind’s desire to craft and shape natural materials into new and beautiful forms is as old as time. But in today’s mass produced world, this depth of thoughtfulness, attention to detail and artistry is increasingly rare, and destined to be experienced by a privileged few.

Hunt and Brew embodies the relentless pursuit of exceptional craftsmanship, for those unique and all-too-elusive experiences that are sought after by those who value true quality.

We hunt the world to discover the best moments that generations of passion, dedication and hard work have gone into crafting. With our creativity and technical ability, we make them accessible to anyone ready to discover them.


Hunt and Brew has pioneered and mastered the production of coffee at scale in a way that maintains an unrivaled quality coffee experience. Using single origin, specialty grade coffee beans from around the world, our unique cold brew process allows us to create signature beverages that give life to the diversity and unique characteristics of different coffee origins; each product giving consumers a new experience to discover. Cut with fresh dairy milk and no added sugar, Hunt and Brew can equally be found on a commercial scale in the convenience of local supermarkets, at high end cafes or in the home.

Born from Artistry

Hunt and Brew encompasses craftsmanship, partnering with creators for their unique talents to bring to life the Hunt and Brew brand. This was no different when choosing the right partner for our labels. Partnering with Kerby Rosanes, Philippines-based illustrator who is well known for his art and illustrations using fine line markers, brings to life each of our products perfectly by reflecting the hunter of the region in which our ingredients are sourced. These geometric illustrations reflect breaking away from the norm and encompass the brand role of disrupting traditional categories. Down to every detail on pack, the information is meaningful and interconnected with both brand and provenance, taking a minimalist design that highlights the distinct tasting notes derived from where and how it’s grown.


Originating from the world’s most progressive coffee consuming culture, Hunt and Brew continues to win awards in Australia and across the world for taste, design and innovation.