Hunt and Brew is specialty grade, cold brew coffee that has been crafted using the unique flavour profiles of each single origin coffee variant to create well balanced, great tasting beverages. Our cold brew is locally roasted in Australia, ground to profile, then slowly brewed for 15-20 hours and triple filtered for maximum flavour extraction. Finally we cut it with fresh Australian full cream milk, nothing else.
Hunt and Brew is available in 4 unique variants: BrazilColombiaHonduras and Ethiopia. Three of which are cut with fresh full cream milk, and our Ethiopia which is served black.
Hunt and Brew coffee beans are thoughtfully sourced from various single origin regions around the world for their unique flavour cup profiles. Our beans come from Cerrado in Brazil; La Unión in the Nariño region of Colombia; San Juan in the Intibucá region of Honduras and Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.
Our cold brew coffee is made with high-grade single origin coffee beans, water and full cream Australian milk. Nothing else.
The answer is short. Turns out coffee is heaps better with high quality beans and fresh milk!
The sugar that is stated on the back of the label is the naturally occurring sugar in milk. There is no added sugar in our cold brew.
Cold brew coffee has a different roast profile to that of hot coffee. The lighter roast and long extraction time of the cold brew process allows for the sweeter notes of the coffee to develop rather than the more bitter notes which can be found in high heat extraction.
Our cold brew bottles are made from grade 1 recyclable PET. The most commonly used plastic in beverages that is made to be re-made.
Hunt and Brew’s core proposition is Single Origin Coffee that is thoughtfully sourced from high grade farms across the globe. Hunt and Brew plays within the specialty coffee model, whereby we continue to support premium quality farms that in the end receive a much higher price and margin for their coffee against commodity coffee. Whilst there is no certification process for specialty grade coffee, we continue to support and nurture the relationships we have built with our farmers and their commitment to community, sustainability and consistent quality.