Like a Brazilian harpy eagle who picks and swoops its prey, that’s how we feel about choosing the right coffee bean – single minded in the pursuit of the perfect brew. We’ve hunted the globe and found the finest single origin coffee beans. Our travels have taken us to the Cerrado region of Brazil where the soil, climate and altitude produce a clean bean that has nutty and bright citrus notes, with a caramel finish. Hunt and Brew | Thoughtfully sourced | Locally Roasted

Our Brazil coffee beans have been omni roasted to suit various brew methods for however you wish to enjoy your coffee!

Region: Cerrado

Tasting Notes: Notes of berry & biscuit, with a nutty caramel finish.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee.

The characteristics of Cerrado coffee beans are informed by the region’s special terroir. With rich soils and high altitudes, Cerrado produces a clean bean that translates into a well-balanced coffee in body and acidity. The region’s moderate continental climate adds to a robust growing season, which is reflected in our Hunt and Brew Brazil blend.


Cerrado, Brazil

The Cerrado region in Brazil is distinguishable by its rolling plains that form the largest savanna in South America.

Located between the Amazon, Atlantic Forest and Pantanal, this vast tropical biome spans more than 2 million sq. km and makes up 21% of Brazil’s land mass.

About 50 years ago Cerrado’s coffee culture began to thrive and the results of several generations of work is evident in the quality coffee beans produced by farmers today.




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