Like an Ethiopian black rhinoceros who picks and forages its feed, that’s how we feel about choosing the right coffee bean – single minded in the pursuit of the perfect brew. We’ve hunted the glove and found the finest single origin coffee beans. Our travels have taken us to Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia where the high altitude, soil and climate conditions produce a soft brew that has caramel and cocoa notes, with a bright berry finish. Hunt and Brew | Thoughtfully sourced | Locally roasted

Our Ethiopia coffee beans have been omni roasted to suit various brew methods for however you wish to enjoy your coffee!

Region: Yirgacheffe

Tasting Notes: Caramel and cocoa notes, with a bright berry finish.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee.


Yirgacheffe is part of the Sidamo region in Ethiopia, rated one of the highest quality producers of arabica coffee in the world.

Grown at high elevations above sea level, coffee from this region takes longer to grow, resulting in nutrient rich coffee and well developed flavours. 

The end result, sweet flavour and aroma often characterised as bright, medium bodied with distinct floral notes. 


Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Located at high altitude, with high preservation of its natural environment, Yirgacheffe is in the southern region of Ethiopia, a prime habitat for producing coffee plantations.

Ethiopia is reported to be the native origin of coffee, heavily populated with many villages growing coffee in the hills of Yirgacheffe.




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